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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I bought another gun- Updated

Ever since I decided I just would not be happy without a 45 caliber gun in my locker, I've been fussing about which gun to buy. I strongly considered gun dealer Bob's Llama in a commander size, but then I had a look at a Ruger P345 and it became my 45 caliber gun of choice. I did choose the all blue-steel version instead of the stainless model shown. I decided I preferred the understated one color look instead of the "tactical" look of the stainless slide.

I bought it yesterday at Impact Guns and immediately put 60 rounds through it. Its perfect! I was shooting the centers out of targets from 25 feet and loving every minute of it. I really wish I would have kept the target until I had a photo but there's always next time.

This is a dandy service pistol and I intend to put lots of ammunition through it in the coming years. Right now I'm heading out to the shop to give it its first cleaning. FWIW, I did not pay anything close to the suggested retail in that Ruger link!

UPDATE: I really didn't say enough about this Ruger so I did a little searching and came up with a dandy review at There's some very good photos of the gun's features there.

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